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The music blog, *Sixeyes, was created by Alan Williamson in May of 2004. Started as a way to write about the music he loves, *Sixeyes grew into a way of sharing plain old good music. With beginnings that leaned heavily towards his own CD collection, Williamson soon discovered the enormous bounty of free mp3s available on independent record labels and band/artist sites. *Sixeyes soon became a way that he could share his discoveries with an audience that would appreciate them.

With interviews and reviews becoming a, more or less, regular feature, *Sixeyes has become a well-rounded internet site for the indie music fan. More recently, a bevy of critically minded music fanatics have joined *Sixeyes as contributors and added enormously to the music blog (and even more recently, those contributors, like most contributors, have faded away into the ether... but *Sixeyes LIVES ON!).

*Recently Sixeyes returned from an extended abscence and began blogging once more in June 2013.


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