Awesome Until Proven Guilty is a music and pop culture blog that first appeared online February 9, 2006. The blog does not currently specialize in a specific niche; contributors Travis and The Trick aim simply to be part of a music-loving community and share "awesome stuff." To this end, it is also not exclusively a music site. Movies and concerts are occasionally reviewed, and 80s nostalgia has inspired more than one post.

History and Facts Edit

The Trick and Travis follow the philosophy that things should be kept light-hearted and fun, which is not to say that "serious" bands don't receive coverage. Tastemaker blogs and other media may have some influence on what is posted, but posts generally reflect the contributors' personal interests. In addition to covering general indie rock, pop, and dance music, local bands from Atlantic Canada are also regularly featured.

The blog's most ambitious undertaking so far has been a two-week series on Canada and its 10 provinces, modelled after similar endeavours covering America's 50 states (inspired by Sufjan Stevens, naturally). In addition to joke history essays and themed mp3s, the series also included features about Canadian artists and trends.

The blog's 100th post went live on April 5, 2006.

Awesome Until Proven Guilty is a young and developing blog. While certain things will never change, it is entirely possible that other aspects of the blog will shift and evolve as it matures.

Contributors Edit

Team members Travis and The Trick are both in their early twenties, living in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, Canada.

You wouldn't know it judging by the blog, but The Trick (Patrick to friends) spent three years working as an editor in the student press and six years working for various music store chains. A Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, he is also known locally as a solo electronic pop act.

Travis has no experience writing or editing. He also has never worked in a music store and he is not (yet) an accomplished musician. That is right, his talent and knowledge are all natural. You can usually find him loitering around the café scene in downtown Fredericton or at home banging away noisily on his guitar.

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