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'''[ Ben Loves Music]'''
== History ==
Originally founded in winter 2002, but left for dead for years, Ben Loves Music was relaunched in April 2004. It was an outlet for the to-be university grad to share music with his friends even after graduating. The site sputtered along at about 100 hits a day until a mention and link on [ Copy, Right?] blasted the site into the internet music universe and hit 2,000 readers a day. The site featured five of the "52 Songs of 2005" and dedicated readers now visit daily.
Also, his hair? Tremendous.
Also, his charm? Intoxicating.
His one fault. Not that it's a fault, but it should be made note of here. He has a tendency to use his mix-mastery to charm the pants off ladies. Often females leave clubs after his DJ sessions pantless, disorented and love-struck.
Since then, there has been a steady stream of visitors frequenting the site for a mix of punk, hip-hop, indie, mash-ups, and pop music.
== Contributors ==
Ben Cohen is a DJ/Editor living in Cambridge, MA. He's a smart-ass.
He is also a huge, HUGE nerd for making his own wiki page.
But we admit, that we love him for it.
== Contact Info ==
Email Address: bencohen[at]gmail[dot]com
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