Bubba-Rocks is an rock bootleg music MP3 blog. A variety of artists are featured on Bubba, from hard rock acts like Disturbed and Motley Crue, to classic rockers like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, to alternative acts like Trent Reznor and Foo Fighters. The occasional country bootleg pops up as well, such as Johnny Cash.

History Edit

Bubba-Rocks went online in September, 2006, edited by AKA Bubba 05. The purpose of the blog is to fill the void of good hard rock blogs on the Internet. Posts are not daily, but they are frequent.

In addition to downloads, Bubba-Rocks also features occasional articles about things going on in the music world, such as Wolfgang joining Van Halen. Comments are encouraged on such articles.

Contributors Edit

Bubba is the only official contributor to Bubba-Rocks.

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