Cacophony and Coffee is an MP3 blog that offers personal stories and introspective essays detailing two lifetimes of pop music obession.

History Edit

Cacophony and Coffee is the brainchild of two compulsive music nerds in Orange County, CA who were tired of sharing their record collections with only each other. Sensing that their non-obsessed friends and loved ones were growing tired of being subjected to lengthy speeches about pop music minutia, the two friends decided it was better to write their thoughts down and release them into the blogosphere where at least they could fantasize that somebody might be paying attention. The site was launched in February 2006. The official full name of the blog is Cacophony and Coffee, Or: Pop History Of Non-eventful Years. The name was chosen after a long night reading about linguistics and deciding that attempting to create a recursive acronym would be a good way to think of a name for a blog.

Contributors Edit

The site has two contributors who switch off every other post.

Jeff Streed is a graphic designer/musician from Fullerton, CA who has a soft spot for early 90's pop punk, subscribes to numerous Commodore 64 music podcasts, will sometimes sheepishly admit to enjoying (real) emo, and loves Black Eyes more than anyone else in the world. Jeff designed the Cacophony and Coffee website.

Patrick Kilpatrick lost his job working at a music venue in West Hollywood and decided that starting a music blog would be a good way to keep from going crazy while he looked for another job. He currently works a crappy retail-esque job and still uses Cacophony and Coffee to keep from going crazy while looking for another job. He loves Jay-Z so much he has often seriously considered launching a spin-off blog solely dedicated to the works of Hova. Patrick contributed to designing the Cacophony and Coffee website by nagging Jeff to do it.

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Cacophony and Coffee

Jeff - sixsquared36 [at]

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