I started CubikMusik as a monthly email newsletter that myself and friends from all around the world contributed to making music recommendations. After a year or so we had over 1,500 readers, a busy website and a sizeable selection of tunes to get through. I moved again (to Austin, Texas) and life caught up with me so I put CubikMusik to bed....but just for a nap! Restarted in 2004/5 as an MP3 blog CubikMusik primarily as a way for CubikArubik to make personal recommendations.

CubikMusik reflects my musical tastes; Beats and Musical Treats. In saying that CubikMusik does not have an editorial policy about what genres of music that can be included – after all there are only two types of music – good music and bad music.I was raised on Johnny Cash, Kris Kristoferson, Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson and was given as passion for music. From these greats I moved onto The Cure, Smiths, Pixies, Sonic Youth along with Depeche Mode, New Order and watching Primal Screm live on Top of the Pops singing 'Loaded' had a profound influence on me that no doubt influenced my reaction when introduced to Acperience by my best mate, JC. ( The rest is history as they say-but a good one. I love music that tells a story, that hits you where it counts and that sends tingles down my spine.

Just recently we have started to explore new ways of enjoying music through the ears of artists/bands. The 'Under The Influence with...' series delivers tunes that have had an influence on the artists on their music. We are enjoying the series as it gives a (sometimes surprising) insight into the lives of these people that we listen to. (

Cheers, CubikArubik

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