DISEBO South African afro soul Singer/Artist born in Kwa-Mashu Durban, Disebo’s musical journey began when she entered a Musical competition .The Yamaha Young Talent search. as she was gearing up for the competition she was approached by the organizers to be their featured artist who tours with them around S.A, later in her musical journey she joined a Musical Group “RARE”. In search to hone and develop her own identity and sound, Disebo broke away from the Group in search of her own unique style, which might be challenging to coin a term to Disebo’s individual sound.

Identified by a Smooth jazz producer, songwriter and jazz pianist Pablow moonsocial under Bantu-fro Productions. Disebo’s much anticipated Album is many things great among them it is an Afrosoul, light contemporary album ,fuelled by sentuality,motivating content and creativity and a strong desire to incorporate Afro African elements, Real expressions unfolding unspoken situations of our lives, a unique grooved up album something soulfully natured. Songs like Ngaphesheya. a true undefined journey of her soul. Just will leave an imprint in your ears. Look out for Disebo’s new album and her single Ngaphesheya set to hit the S.A music industry

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