Here's a quick rundown using mine as an example. You can find it here as a reference to the part's you're reading now: Burning Oak's Wiki Page


Syntax: [URL Name]


All you have to do is stick in the link.

BOLD TEXT: '''Random Words Here'''

Note: this uses three apostrophes on either side of the bold words. Also this can be placed around link brackets to form bold links like A Robot Cometh has.

H2 HEADERS: == Contributors ==

INSERT YOUR BLOG IN A CATEGORY: [[Category:MP3 Blogs]][[Category:Rock]] [[Category:Jam]] [[Category:Live Music]]

Note. This one gets a little complicated. If you were to insert [[Category:SuperRandomTechnoJamIndie]] you would most likely be the only person in that category. That said, you would need to add that category to the main listing of BlogGenres. To do that, click on "SuperRandomTechnoJamIndie" at the bottom of your personal page, and when you get to the resulting category page, add this text anywhere inside.

[[Category:Music Genres]]

Thanks Dilvie for explaining that on the first page of this thread. I figured I'd throw it back out there.

I think that covers just about everything people should need. Have at it.

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