We all know about Human Rights Music from Amnesty International with U2's Bono, really taking a stand on these matters with his mic stand and voice.

What other human rights projects of note are there out there?

Well, there's Artists for Human rights. org they're pretty great, and hold large scale events.

Then there's the Freedom For China Music project. It's all about the persecution of the peaceful tai chi type practice that follows Truthfulness Compassion and Tolerance. Sadly, the Chinese Communist Party has been persecuting these people for years (since 1999) but with each passing day more and more groups such as Amnesty International are supporting Falun Gong's right to existence! To believe and to peacefully practice, which harms no one.

Still, 3000 plus practitioners have been killed and many thousands more sent to labour camps in China right now,

where torture methods are being used, with one of the most awful persecutions in our entire history. These are taking place in the laogai, as they are called in Chinese. These people all need a voice, to speak out with. The musicians who have contributed to the Freedom For China project come from all walks of life, playing all styles of music from Indie rock to Hip Hop from NYC. They have spoke out, rapped passionately, sung out and spoken getting the message over an out to people. You got the musician Rise-Ascend, the emcee, for example on where you can download his music. Our main blog is at

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