Guarachando is a French orchestra of latin music (since 1999). Their music celebrates the great return of the Salsa Dura in the french capital. Influences of Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Colombia & New York = a Salsa Made in Paris !

Members :

Ricardo Torres - (Lead vocal)

David Lesprit - (Vocal)

Diana Huidobro - (Vocal)

Izidor Leitinger - (Trumpet 1)

Julien Matrot - (Trumpet 2)

François Piriou - (Trombone)

Sylvain Tamalet - (Sax baryton)

Rodolphe Bour - Percussion (Timbales)

Mathieu Brami - Percussion (Congas)

Amed Torres - Percussion (Bongos)

François Molinari - (Baby Bass)

Cristobal Diaz - (Piano)

Site of the Guarachando orchestra :

News of the band (concerts, album...) & songs in listening.

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