It's a place that's all about the music that the older generation likes, which is a broader spectrum than you might think...jazz, big band, light classical, easy listening, classic rock and country, just to mention a few. It's still fairly new and completely home-brew, but we'd like to think it looks pretty good.

You can listen to and learn about the music and the artists, and maybe a little something about the times of our lives. Discussions are welcome and are provided for.

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About the BigGeez... He's a geezer who has been noodling around with PCs since the early 80s and upon retirement several years ago started a website as a gathering place for friends and former co-workers. It was a scrolling, continuously updated news and gossip page, complete with links and other words a blog - years before most people had even heard the term. (It's still around today - 6 years later.) As time passed, the BigGeez has continued to watch the evolution of blogging, but it wasn't until he began getting interested in music blogs that he realized that a need existed for what he's now established...the Geezer Music Club.

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