Have you ever had your friends or family stop you playing a CD in the car, as they want something a little “happier”?

Have you ever had your workmates stop you playing music out loud, as they’re not sure they can handle “your taste” at the moment?

And yet, have you ever had all your friends ask you on a regular basis what you’re listening to now, and what you recommend?

Well, I have. And so I’ve created GYMO. The purpose of the site is:

  • To give my friends somewhere to see what I’m listening to
  • To broadcast my general music tastes to the wider world, and hopefully have my audience start to love some of the music I do
  • To vent my thoughts & grievances on the state of music today
  • To bring you the best videos from around the world
  • To get everyone’s melancholy on

My music tastes are, put politely, all over the place. I’m a sucker for alt-country, for GWG (girls or guys with guitars), for singer-songwriters, for shouty, angsty teen rock. I listen to country, rock, pop, emo, dance, opera, classical and world music, and everything in between. And yet, I’m a little bit of a music snob - I do have my indulgences (a love of 80’s music, a small collection of pop gems….), and yet I really detest (generally) music you would think I like.

So, I love anything with a melody. In most genres. But with a huge number of exceptions. I hope that makes things clear.

Enjoy the site. Leave comments. Leave requests. Make suggestions. And enjoy.

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