Hip hop star Snoop Dogg Information “Weed Wars” Theme SongEdit

Snoop Dogg documents for Discovery Channel. In the newest Hip hop news in the world of Hip hop music, renowned hiphop tremendous star Snoop Dogg has recorded the concept song for “Weed Wars”, a health care marijuana show which is on account of be aired next month. The unscripted Discovery Channel show is according to the ongoing legal discussion held related to the healthcare cannabis and can characteristic theme new music which has been tapped by Snoop Dogg who himself is usually a venerable weed fanatic.

The plan primarily focuses around the Nation’s greatest medicinal Marijuana hospital, The Oakland’s Harborside Health Middle. The hospital serves additional than 94,000 patients, suffering from problems brought on due to the plant’s transformation, right from its germination to the harvesting and dispensation processes.

Based on the Discovery channel executive Nancy Daniels, the program unearths the when regarded as to be the most unlawful and a still very controversial subject in today’s globe. Weed Wars, will take an exciting look into this exclusive environment. Similar to “Deadliest Catch” or even the “Gold Rush”, the program is about men and women chasing their own special version of American Dream.

In the course of the show’s intro, the Hip hop artist is seen rapping lines like “These ain’t your neighborhood d-boys/ these are the two brothers that be combating the weed wars”. The Hip hop songs lines also involve, “I obtained to get it in my life/ 'cause it is the only thing I need/ I need to have it in my life.”

The collection initial on Dec 1st, Thursday around the Discovery Channel at 10pm.

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