Personal practice and band rehearsal (and I mean getting together with your bandmates and working on music and arrangements, not drinking and getting high with your buddies while strumming the guitar a couple times) are the only two ways you are going to get to be the best. There is simply no substitute and you have to be the best. A very wise man once told me, “you’re not practicing enough if you’re not practicing while you take a shit.” In other words, you have to practice all the time, even when you’re taking a shit.

Personal practice is just like working out. With each week that you diligently and consistently practice you will get better and better. Essentially, you are growing your “musical muscles.” Effective personal practice should mostly involve working on technique. This is the time that you play scales over and over again, you play licks over and over again, you play rhythms until you want to kill yourself. Again, this is the only way you will get better. You should be working on something everyday (for at least one hour) that you want to improve. NOW GO PRACTICE!

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