Quadb is a rabid independent music lover who has been following the local music scene for a number of years. Since moving to Toronto, Ontario just over two years ago, he has had several opportunities to check out and introduce himself to several new bands. As a lark, he decided to start up this indie music blog with the ridiculously long url, and try his hand at pretending to be a rock journalist. He fully expected only a few select friends to ever find his blog, and he was totally comfortable with that.

A few months passed, and suddenly he found himself being contacted by bands wanting him to review their material. More time passes, and he suddenly finds his blog being mentioned on CBC Radio, as well as being linked to by other reputable music blogs across the interweb.

He enjoys what he's doing, he doesn't take himself too seriously and he likes writing Music Blog Wiki's in the third person. But if you're looking for a band that you haven't heard of, or if you enjoy a good opinionated music rant, then feel free to check it out.

It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans

The blog title is a line from the song "Coax Me" by Sloan, one of Canada's all time greatest bands.

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