FANDOM is an electronic music MP3 blog and netlabel. It was one of the first blogs to focus exclusively on authorized downloads, and, due in part to the permanent archive of music, it facilitates a large number of electronic music downloads -- as of January, 2007, as many as 500,000 downloads each for the most popular posts.

In addition to the MP3 blog, Knobtweakers releases periodic compilations, and promotional EPs, hosts electronic music events, and conducts podcast interviews with DJs and musicians.

History Edit

Knobtweakers was officially founded in January, 2005 by Eric Hamilton, AKA Dilvie, who is himself an electronic music producer. Beginning in January, 2004, He ran a music review blog on his site, called The Feedback Loop, from which he linked directly to some MP3s. iPodder was launched in September, 2004. It was the first popular application that let users subscribe to an RSS feed, and automatically download the MP3s posted in the podcast enclosure tag. In December, 2004, Yahoo! announced support of enclosure tags for search engine indexing. Realizing the new potential of the medium, Hamilton renewed his commitment to sharing great music, and launched Knobtweakers on a dedicated domain. Within weeks, the daily circulation for Knobtweakers was in the hundreds, and Knobtweakers had established itself as a champion of the indie electronic music scene.

Knobtweakers ceased all operations and shut down at the beginning of 2008, and re-launched under the same management in 2010.

Contributors Edit

Eric Hamilton is the primary force behind He himself is an electronic music producer with 15 years of experience writing music for video games, the demoscene, and, more recently, independent film. He has been distributing his own music on the internet since 1995, and in 2005, his music was downloaded over a quarter-million times, and featured in thousands of podcasts, including Information Week's daily newsbriefs. He has also worked as a sound engineer, event promoter, DJ, web consultant, and programmer.

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