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Kwaya Na Kisser is a Canadian music/mp3 blog that focuses on live and rare recordings. The author of the blog goes by the name Pierre Elliott Trudeau, which is probably a psuedonym, since one of Canada's most renowned political figures and 15th Prime Minister goes by the same name. The blog is described as a "mildly humorous music blog with a cool moniker", possibly because of the strange blog name and because the author often tends to employ humor in the writing. The range of music covered on this blog can best be described as eclectic, although the author appears to lean heavily towards indie and experimental music, and favors bands/artists like Pavement, Deerhoof, Cat Power, Will Oldham a.k.a. Bonnie "Prince" Billy etc. Recently, the blog put up music recorded by various artists for the legendary DJ, John Peel.

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