Midnight Horizon wants you! Unified by their mission to throw light on the growing list of societies inequalities and festering hypocrisy, Midnight Horizon delivers the wake up call for the under-trodden of Sydney, their thirst to spread their message of empathy, unity and unbridled anger a big middle finger at the dwindling live music scene.

Midnight Horizon prides themselves on delivering an energetic and eccentric live performance, spreading the word to anyone who dares listen, drawing to themselves like minded individuals and social misfits. teaming up with a variety of similar working class bands. Their goal: To once again breathe fresh life into the music scene, rocking out in some of Sydney's few remaining venues who actively seek to support the live music scene and seeking more comrades in arms from the other working class bands struggling to once again relive the glory days.

Midnight Horizon's debut EP release saw them enjoy the generous hospitality of the annandale hotel , one of Sydney's, nay, Australia's greatest supporter's of live music. The band performing two whirl wind performances in less than a week, the shows fed by not only the energy of the band but the audience themselves.

Not content with restricting themselves to being merely an on-stage band, Midnight Horizon as a collective have also immersed themselves in other elements of the industry in an attempt to distinguish themselves as a par above the rest. The band boast amongst their number a pair of more than leading sound engineers, evidenced from their latest recording of "Turn The Tide" and continue to dedicate time to recording and mixing.

However, the band recently and regretfully bid farewell to Michael, one of the founding members of Midnight Horizon and talented lead guitarist. Whilst a sad occasion, it also brought the best out in the band with each member seeking to provide their departing comrade with an appropriate send off.

Amongst the many kudos received that night included a comment that strengthened the bands resolve.

"Guys, that was exactly the sort of show that you want and expect to see at any pub or venue offering live music!"

Midnight Horizon are:

Conor Smith (Drums/Vox) Dan Podbierezki (Guitar/Vox) Matt Thornton (Bass)

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