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Missingtoof is a music blog that curates & profiles artists' mp3s & videos. They feature streaming previews and direct downloads of mp3 files, accompanied with thoughtful review, relevant links, disclosure of id3 meta data prior to download—so visitors know exactly what they're getting.

The blog is maintained by founder Mike Sherrill, a Silicon Valley based DJ & iPhone developer and editor-in-chief Aaron Fooshée, a Los Angeles based DJ & Designer. They describe themselves and their contributors and their blog thus:

We are DJs, producers & obsessive music fanboys. We are undercover goths & recovering backpackers—with that said, we mostly post electronic dance music, indie rock, post-punk & rap jams. We do our best to present good music in good—properly encoded—format. With so much good around, we don't have time for bad reviews & low bitrate mp3s.

Additionally, Missingtoof maintains promotional vehicle for related events in The Bay & Greater Los Angeles areas, this vehicle is Sophisticated Clubbing.

Missingtoof has debuted many artists since its December 2006 inception; some notable names include Villains, Little Boots, Kill The Noise & Computer Club.

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