I'm Tim Blackburn from the UK, part-musician, part-eLearning Developer. On this site, you'll find some of my own music, ramblings, and other stuff that I do. I've recently done official remixes for Pitch Black , Animat and International Observer, all of which have been released on the bands' own record labels. My first release came on the Nishi netlabel, which led to some of my songs being used by O’Neill (the surfing gear company) for a worldwide promotion campaign. It was a passing remark by Big Chill artist and DJ The Only Michael that put me in touch with Pitch Black, the New Zealand dub/electronic band which resulted in my first real attempt at remixing someone else’s songs. My inclusion on the Rude Mechanicals EP in late 2008 was my biggest break in the music world to-date, and has since led to other remixing opportunities and releases.

My blog is at so please go along and have a look. All my tracks are free to download as long as you spread the word! The remixes are out all of the major music download sites...

My style of music is probably best described as “downtempo electronica”, with a dub element to it. I’ve been compared to and influenced by bands like Leftfield, Zero 7, Gary Numan, and of course, New Zealand’s own Pitch Black. I’m unsigned but will be releasing some new tunes in Summer 2010, on my own label, “mistrust music”.

You can also become a fan on my Facebook page....just follow the link to

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