Mocking Music is music blog, run by three music fans, that focuses primarily on indie music, but covers all genres. The blog is marked by longer, indepth articles than typically featured on mp3 blogs. Beyond the length of the post, the blog is also sometimes satirical, and often sardonic. Regular blog features include profiles, (not commercially available) full albums, concert reviews, detailed album reviews, and weekly summaries of what's going on in the greater mp3 blogosphere. The blog also features a few unique features such as Darwin Posts (Stories from a music retail worker) and dedicated movie marathon blogs.

History Edit

Mocking Music began under the title "An Exercise in Self-Absorbtion" on Febuary 27th of 2005. It's impossible to mark when it morphed into its current incarnation, but the first mp3s posted on the site were posted on March 29th, and regular mp3s didn't begin until a month later. In its first four months, the site was overtly satirical, but the humour lessened as time progressed.

From July until December of 2005, the site was on hiatus. One month after site creators Casey Dorrell and Geoff Trainor returned to the blog in December, Calum Marsh joined the team.

Contributors Edit

Casey Dorrell and Geoff Trainor, both living in Prince Edward Island, Canada, began the site together. Both are avid music fans with no journalism credibility, although Casey did publish one music article in a university paper many moon ago, and was recently one of several editors for a philosophy book set for publication in late 2006.

Calum Marsh, living in Ottawa, Canada, is also a full member of Mocking Music and is a probably a hipster (owns lots of vinyl and loves Xiu Xiu). He's published several articles on film, his major, for his university paper.

mel and Jonathan Migneault, also out of Ottawa, Canada, are part-time contributors. The former focuses on concert reviews, the latter on new band information.

Finally, the blog's also featured guest articles from a variety of other people, and is always looking for new voices.

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