Unlike many music blogs, this blog is NOT a gateway to illegal downloads. It is simply a celebration of fine music, and a testament to the physical music format.

Here you'll find anything that is on my mind that is musically related (which means pretty much every thought in my head) as well as reviews, monthly round-ups, recommendations, random bits of music news, musical debates, my musical memories, stories about my record collection, videos, features on bands and records, my 'Song For Today' and tracklistings for my legendary compilations... And as an interesting little sideline you can join me as I "redevelop" my music collection... in 2005 after buying a computer I transferred all my CD and vinyl onto mp3, and being skint at the time i opted to sell or exchange most of those CDs and a lot of vinyl. Then in 2009 my hard drive ceased to work, and thousands of albums and many years worth of music had disappeared. So having learned the lesson that mp3s are nothing more than sound files that can easily be wiped, this proved that I was sorely wrong to even think that a load of files on a hard drive could replace my CDs and records. So since then I have been rebuilding my collection, rebuilding it bigger and better than ever before... I was in two punk bands as well as hosting radio shows on SandinistaRadio, IndieCore Radio and UKHD Radio, and these days I've found the most effective way of spreading the word is with a blog. As a true music devotee I will download when bands release stuff legally for free, when certain songs cannot be bought on CD or vinyl, or mainly for preview purposes (so if i like the music i will gladly buy it on CD or record) So buy the records and support the artists, coz let's face it, with the rubbish you see in the "charts" nowadays, it's clear that actual musicians aren't getting the support they deserve. Thank you.
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