I am a journalist, musician and traveler :) I have started this blog to promote independent musicians just like me. You see, I know how hard it is get appreciation for Your music, so I gathered my fans, to support You, that is right. For this to work out, I have few twitter accounts with my fans following my music, so I decided to help You guys, at least a little bit, with your music promotion. Edit


The thing is, running a blog takes time and of course costs money. But! It can be a very good platform to promote Your music. So, how this works? Edit

I have built a supporting community around me with over 20 000 people, people who really like independent music, listen to it and will share it if they like it. I have been playing pop, rock, country, Jazz music myself, so my followers prefer this genre. I 

If You have a video that needs to be promoted

COME to my blog: And we will discuss how can we help You promote Your music :)

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