Musical Fruitcake Edit

The music blog, Musical Fruitcake, was created by Jef Elf in January of 2006.

It is "a collection of the worst Chrsitmas Music ever created."

From the site:

I have a large appetite for media that other people might consider to be “bad.” I like “bad” movies almost more than I like good ones, and the same goes for really bad music. Some of the absolute worst music ever created has been Christmas/Holiday related, so naturally I gravitate towards “bad” Christmas songs, also.

For the sake of definition I want you to understand what I mean by “bad” Chrsitmas songs. In order for a song to make it to my “Worst Ever” list it has to have all of the following elements:

  1. The song must be a “bad” song, even despite it’s holiday content.
  2. The song must be earnest - it can’t be intentionally bad.
  3. The song can’t be a parody of an otherwise “normal” christmas song.
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