Several bloggers have gotten queries from new-comers about how to post Mp3s. If you are one of those bloggers whom get tired of explaining it, point them here.

1) Get an mp3 This is fairly simple. Either download an mp3, or rip it off of a CD and convert it to mp3 format. You can do this in iTunes or many other applications. Save this mp3 to your hard drive.

2) Label the mp3 Poorly-tagged mp3s won't show up properly on aggregators like the Hype Machine and will be incredibly frustrating for your readers when they try to figure out what it is after downloading.

3) Upload the mp3 This too is fairly simple. Pick a host. (YouSendIt, EZ Archive, etc.) Next, go to the host's site and upload the file.

4) Link to the File's Location This is where it gets really complicated. Not really. Actually, this entire process is quite simple and this step is no exception. Simply create a link to the file URL that you can find through your host.


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