Rock Candy addresses everything from Music, Urban Culture, Pop Culture Ramblings and the NYC scene. Music focuses on “urban/ethnic” genres (i.e. hip hop, reggae, r&b, some neo-soul) but as people who appreciate all types of music you may find a few alternative (mostly electronica based) artists creep in as well. Features include Op-Eds (yes, we don’t simply post videos for you to watch that you could have watched on BET anyway…we actually throw an opinion or two out there), Album, Video and Venue/Event Reviews, a Throwback Video Channel and Rock Candy Radio on Pandora. Rock Candy lends a personal voice to all blogs so strong opinions are definitely expressed. It isn’t a neutral blog and we DO promote female emcees. We do it for the love of music and the fun of sharing it.

We've got a really positive vibe at Rock Candy. We welcome you to check out the site and show love if you feel moved to.

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