My friend John Teeter parked the domain name Rock Sellout in 2006 with hopes of one day starting a music publication. After a disappointing experience writing for an art & fashion magazine from London, I expressed my displeasure to John and we discussed bringing Rock Sellout to life. Without blinking an eye, I constructed a Myspace and blog the following day.

We've made a lot of good friends along the way: Gina was a mutual friend of ours who shared our passion...she was the first contributor onboard.

Marketing the blog soon became an effort I took to various sites. I joined several music communities on Live Journal and started posting links to the blog. I met both Cecilia and Sean there. Both added a different flavor to the recipe. Cecilia keeps us up to date with what's happening in Sweden and Sean is the site's official DJ...he keeps us in the know of what's being heard in the clubs.

We've have several contributors come and quickly go along the way, so if the story doesn't flow, it's because I erased a lot of the contributors that are no longer with us. Carrying on...

Mark found us shortly after Sean's interview with The Jam's Bruce Foxton. He scours the UK and brings us the best new bands the UK has to offer.

By the way, my name is Kip! Thanks for taking the time to read the story of Rock Sellout.

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