The DIY Rockstar is a music blog focused on mainly indie pop/rock and related genres, though I try not to discriminate. The main selling point of The DIY Rockstar is its regularly featured interviews with up and coming and established indie artists, such as Criteria, Metric, Jason Collet (Broken Social Scene), The Elected, The Subways, Rogue Wave, David Dondero, and others. Besides that, The DIY Rockstar has several entertaining recurring segments, i.e. "Here's an Opinion for You to Disregard Completely", "Never Ending Math Equation", and "My Weekly Listening".

History Edit

The DIY Rockstar has a very uninteresting past. I am not sure exactly when (October?) I originally "started" the blog, but it was on January 1st, 2006, that I officially launched regular content, and about three weeks ago that I figured out what I was doing.

Contributors Edit

Jeff Bess is the only contributor to The DIY Rockstar. In addition to The DIY Rockstar, he has written some for, and Filter Magazine's website. He also frequently pariticipates on the ELBOWS forum, and created this here wiki.

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