The Bubble Death is a MP3 blog featuring music ranging from dance pop nuggets to indie rock masterpieces, showcasing loved artists as well as up and coming artists worthy of mention. It also features "Book Talks", discussion/review of recent novels and often a theme song to go along with the novels. Music videos are posted every Wednsday, and the ocassional pop culture observation and satire piece will pop up (including the infamous How To Be Scene article).

History Edit

The Bubble Death made its first post on March 30, 2005. By June, it soon fell into hiatus due to the blogger's slow internet connection and lacking efforts. It witnessed its rebirth and its "official" start in September of 2005, and celebrated its 100th post on Febuary 8, 2005.

Contributors Edit

Laura Yan is the sole voice behind The Bubble Death. Aside from a pop music critic and lover, she's an avid reader and aspiring fiction writer. She has written two novels during National Novel Writing Month of '04 and '05, both around 100,000 words in length (before much needed editing). Her horror stories have been published on The Horror Library. She lives in San Diego, California, and is still subjected to being a tortured high school student.

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