The Great Leap Forward is a pop-and-politics blog written by Rob Galgano.

History Edit

TGLF was started in December 2003. The title comes from the Billy Bragg song of the same name, particularly because of the line "mixing pop and politics/he asks me what the use is."

TGLF is the home of a weekly-or so podcast called All Over The Place. AOTP:The Podcast is a rebroadcast of the weekly show (Friday nights, 10 pm Eastern) on It covers a lot of musical ground. AOTP:HGRNJ started in March of 2006.

A different version of AOTP without announcements can be found as a streaming broadcast from Live365. This broadcast is a shuffle play of 18 hours' worth of music.

AOTP is named after the Bangles' first album.

Contributors Edit

Rob Galgano is the sole contributor to the site. He lives in Westfield, NJ and works as a substitute school teacher.

Contact Info Edit

E-mail: isthisrob[at]yahoo[dot]com

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