The Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report The site description ("Is it a report about experimental music or an experimental report about music?") isn't just a lame joke. The blog splits itself between reporting about music in the undefinable "experimental" genre, and testing the possibilities of new internet-based entertainment media. While both music and music-distribution enter increasingly unfamiliar territories, adaptations in each will effect disposition of the other, and also effect human culture in general.

Where is music going? How will it get there? What will we be listening to? And how will we listen to it? These are questions that the Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report is curious about. We don't know the answers, but we can document and point as the changes happen. And we can listen to all kinds of interesting music on the way.

Details Edit

The first post to the Hollow Tree blog was in Sept. of 2005. Post have continued since then with varying consistency. Currently, the only writer for the blog is Zeno Izen, though submissions are gratefully accepted.

Posted mp3s are taken entirely from independent music sites and netlabels.

Announcements, tips and submissions may be sent to

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