The Muso is an indie music blog run out of Cape Town, South Africa by co-contributors The Muso and The Don. The site was started in March 2006 largely out of a general frustration with the state of the South African music scene. Whilst we do almost nothing to correct this sad affair, we do try to spread the word about the amazing pool of independent talent that otherwise gets very little support in a country of prehistoric music tastes. Besides this, we also try to review as much international music as possible, hopefully raising the profile of true musicians in some small way. Most of all it's just really fun to write about something that takes up almost all of every day.

Musically we focus mainly on indie rock and indie pop, but tend to include an eclectic mix of everything especially independent South African music. At the time of writing (August 2006), our list of current favourites include the following:

South Africa: Lark, unit.r, Three Bored White Guys, The Dirty Skirts, Eat This, Horse, Taxi Violence, The Epsilons, The Beams and many more.

The World: Wolf Parade, Devotchka, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Andrew Bird, Islands, Destroyer

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