The Rawking Refuses To Stop! is a daily mp3 blog focusing mainly on indie rock/folk, as well as jazz, hip-hop and great music in general. It's the project of David Greenwald, the A&E editor of the UCLA Daily Bruinand a staff writer for indie review site Cokemachineglow. The blog features concert reviews and photos as well as band profiles, concert bootlegs and music news.

The blog began in March 2005 and was instrumental in helping to spread the Elliott Smith "Basement II" recordings in November of that year. Regular features include the Rob Gordon Shuffle, a weekly rundown of Greenwald's favorite tracks, a weekly concert recording, and the frequently updated Album Release Calendar that compiles release dates, cover art and MP3s for upcoming records. Currently in progress is the Ambient Series, spotlighting artists in instrumental genres, and The Canon, Examined, a weekly examination of fantastic overlooked albums.

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