The Sonic Music Review is an Electronic Music blog which specialises in reviewing works influenced by the aesthetics of Electronica, Ambient and New Age music. The blog began in 2011 to serve as a platform which features original electronic works from independant acts alongside thier contemporaries and artistic influences. The chief writer Alex Harden has studied music for a number of years and is currently completing a degree in Creative Music Technology. Alex is also the upcoming author of several books on the subject of music construction and harmony.

"As an independent artist myself, I wanted to give the music community a way of getting constructive feedback on their music and publicity from an independent source for free. There's a whole host of amazing music out there and if I can support even one person with a livelihood they love then I'll know that people have gained something - I had the first pice of electronic music I ever recorded once featured on a now defunct blog, several years on, I continue to produce music spurred on by the early knowledge that somewhere 'out there' there was someone who had heard my music and liked it enough to tell all their online audience."

- Alex Harden

The blog welcomes submissions of all forms of electronic music, further details and contact information are available from the 'Send Us Your Music' page on the blog.

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