Hi there,
The optional e

the optional e

I'm a young music blogger from Sydney, Australia who enjoys typing stuff up on a computer and pretending that she's actually connecting with people around the world.

I blog alternative and indie music, including new releases, weird songs, good songs and album reviews.

There's Songs of the Week (it sounds lame when you say it like that), Music Hauls, Cover Fests, Reeling Stones (movie reviews) and a bunch of random posts.

It would be wonderful (for both of us) if you could stop by and take a look at the blog.

So if you enjoy discovering new music, reliving old music or reading the blog posts of a lunatic, stop on by.

The link is here.

Also, if you are a blogger and interested in doing a collab or guest post, you can contact me at

Thanks for actually taking the time to read and get to this line. You rock, mate.

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