Time to Play Bsides is a music blog run by Mike Roeder. Reviews, commentary and anecdotes are par for the course.

History Edit

Time to Play B-Sides was created by Mike Roeder in February of 2006 as a way to capture all of the music-related things that piqued his interest. In the late 90's Mike was the web admin for which was the first "official" website for electronica/hiphop artist DJ Shadow. He ran this until the artist got his own domain. These days Mike spends his time managing The Official Pell Mell website as well as managing a hosting company in addition to his day job.

Contributors Edit

Mike Roeder is the creator of the site and the primary contributor. He lives and works in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Contact Info Edit

Email Address: mike[at]easychair[dot]net

Facebook: mikeroeder

Twitter: @mikeroeder

My Space: MikeRoeder

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