About UsEdit

Underground Source otherwise known as UGS is right at the centre of Northern underground electronic music. UGS brings you news on a daily basis and pushes it out not only to the North of England but to a global audience. From everyone at UGS we hope you enjoy the site, you engage in all of our articles and together we can help build an online community that showcases the best in House music across the North of England.


Our AimEdit

As always our aim is simple but demanding, an ethos UGS has had since it’s first beginning. Our aim is to create an online electronic music website that showcases everything underground in the North of England.


The UGS PodcastEdit

Our treasured UGS Podcast has come a long way since it’s first podcast by UGS Director Paul Banks back in January 2012. It now features an array of quality upcoming artists and seasoned professionals. Every month Underground Source uploads a new UGS Podcast episode that is packed full of brand new music from some of the hottest and most talked about DJs and producers.


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